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London Fire Brigade Strategic Framework

This Transformation Plan is the beginning of the process and we will be engaging with our workforce to further develop this plan on an ongoing basis.

Connecting change to our long-term strategy

To help delivery our vision, we have worked on a simple strategy – our roadmap to get us there. Our transformation is based around four strategic pillars

The best people and the best place to work

LFB people are the London Fire Brigade. We need to have the best possible people working in the best possible organisation if we are going to deliver real transformation. To achieve that, we need to drive change around: how  we lead our people; the culture and behaviours we value at LFB; how we create a diverse and inclusive workforce; how we manage training, talent and performance within the organisation.

Seizing the future

Real change will only come if we are prepared to continually evolve as an organisation. To achieve this, we will need to: become a true learning organisation; be prepared to challenge the status quo; and learn how to drive continuous improvement and innovation in what we do and how we do it.

Delivering excellence

Operational delivery is at the heart of LFB, but to achieve transformation, we need to be constantly improving: the effectiveness of our service; understanding and communicating risk information to better deliver our services; and improving execution in every part of the organisation.

Outward facing

High performing organisations always look outward rather than just inward. They connect effectively with all stakeholders. To achieve transformation in this sense, LFB needs to: become much more central to the communities we serve; increase the levels of trust and confidence we can build with all our stakeholder groups; and take a lead in generating execellent in the national fire service.

Our transformation requires serious and continuous change. Our readiness and ability to make change happen will be a key enabler to this, as will as the need to place diversity and inclusion at the centre of everything we do. In doing this we will be guided by 3 defining behaviours:

  • Compassion
  • Togetherness
  • Accountability 

Collectively all of this forms our strategic framework against which our transformation agenda will start to deliver tangible change and will underpin the development of our next London Safety Plan.